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Posted by mari senaga on August 22, 2014 at 10:10 PM

Supplies needed:

Non-stick Mat Small Rolling Pin Corn Syrup Small Spatula

Cutting board Saifun Noodles

Ribbon cutter or small knife Vodka (for painting)

Powdered sugar (place in nylon to keep tidy)

Razor blade (in paint scraper handle)

Selections of brushes

Petal dusts used: The Sugar Art’s- Red Plum, Mona Lisa, Sprout,

Moss Green, Foliage Green.

Modeling Chocolate, Colored: Pale Lilac, or White.

Roll out Modeling Chocolate on the non-stick mat, to less than 1/32nd” thickness or less (Thin like you would do for gumpaste flowers) Dust the surface of the mat to help the modeling chocolate from sticking.

Using a knife or ribbon cutter, cut ¾” X 8” strips of the modeling chocolate.

Cut the modeling chocolate strip in to 2 -4” strips.

Using a razor blade, cut small ½” slits on one of the 4” sides of the strip, space them less than 1/8” apart.

(If your razor blade sticks, run through a dusting of powdered sugar).

Along the unsliced side, paint a small trail of corn syrup. Then turn it so the corn syrup line is facing your dominant hand.

Using a Saifun noodle, push down along the top uncut edge (between the second and third sliced cut), this will secure the noodle to the modeling chocolate.

Now rotate the modeling chocolate counter clockwise, and diagonally along the length of the noodle.

When the entire strip is wrapped around the noodle ( the length will be about 3” to 3 ½” long on the noodle), pinch the base to secure the modeling chocolate to the noodle.

Using the pointed end of a chop stick, curl each fringed piece downward ( so the curl go under towards the center).

Continue curling each fringed piece all the way to the tip.

Once all the fringe is curled, push the end if the Saifun Noodle in to a piece of styrofoam, and let dry for a few hours.

Repeat for each flower needed.

Mix a small amount of moss green petal dust with vodka, to paint the stems of each flower ( tap the brush on a paper towel to remove excess liquid, as too much liquid can cause the noodles to curve, or change shape)

Dust each flower with a mixture of Red Plum, Sprout Green, and Mona Lisa. These flowers started as white and pale lilac (Mona Lisa dust was used to color the modeling chocolate).

Then each was dusted the same way, and small and medium elongated leaves were dusted with Moss Green, Foliage Green, and Red Plum, and then secured to the Saifun Noodle with a small dab of corn syrup.

Then using a pair of tweezers, each flower was inserted in to the cake ( or in this case covered styrofoam inserted in a ceramic pot).



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